Container Depot


Empty Container Storage

Provide area for stacking empty containers in good order to perform FIFO and easy access for clients.

Container Inspection & Survey

Deligent and profesional team inspect and report the condition of others.

Container Cleaning

Every container pick-up from depot will be in cleaned condition suitable with MLO's standard.

Repairs of Damages on Containers to IICL Standard

Every damaged container will be repaired in accordance with IICL standard and under MLO's consent.

Pre-Trip-Inspection of Reefer Containers

Every reefer container will be tested and inspected thoroughly before it is allowed to be picked up by shipper.

Electrical and Mechanical Repair of Reefer Containers

With extensive network, we can offer electrical and mechanical repairs that will be needed for reefer containers.

Empty Repo Haulage / Transportation

Combination of sea and land transportation, we are able to arrange reponsition haulage and transportation for empty containers.

Tailor-Made Special Requirements

Smart and sustainable business requires the skills of logistics experts who are able to think ahead.

Project Cargo Handling

Focuses on the packaging requirements of goods in transit, in particular for items traveling overland by road or rail.

Facilities & Equipments

Handling Equipment
3 units Side Loader (8 Tons, 7 stacks)1 unit Forklift 10 Tons, 2 units Forklift 7 Tons.
Washing Equipment
4 units Washer Gun & 8,000 liter fresh water tank.
Depot Area
30,000 sqm.
3,500 Teus.
Full Concrete.
Cleaning Area
100 sqm.
Reefer PTI
C12 reefer plug 220V / 3-phase / 150Amp.
27 units of own trucks with another 30 units on lease with partnership.
Repair and maintenance equipments, Survey Bridge,Radio Telecommunications, Diesel Generating Sets, 24 hours, 365 days Security Guard.